Hult International Business School


Louise McFadden
Campus Manager

We take pleasure in providing a performance reference for Reaction Project Management (RPM) in terms of their Project & Commercial Management of the recently completed Hult International Business School Campus.

Hult International Business School was first introduced to RPM in 2007 when RPM was appointed to manage the Fit Out of the first Hult International Business School in Academic City, Dubai, UAE. RPM was an integral part of this successful project.

The fit out encompassed multiple elements, including a conceptually unique glass flower structure, integral to the whole development, as well as various lecture auditoriums, offices, breakout rooms and common facilities encompassing approximately 19,000 sq ft. With a value of AED 5M, the fit out was successfully completed four weeks ahead of schedule and AED 150,000 under the original cost to build.

In April 2012 we again appointed RPM in a Project & Cost Management Role for the Fit Out of our new 40,000 sq ft Campus in Dubai Knowledge Village which again was received in a shell and core state. This was a much bigger challenge due to the fact that the Campus had to be fully operational by the end of September 2012.

By implementing the advanced management practices, prudent budgetary measures and risk-mitigating instruments that we have come to expect from RPM, the Fit-out was successfully completed with an 80 day turn around while also meeting Hult budgetary requirements. RPM played a critical role in not only a Project Manager capacity but by also performing other valuable functions such as Cost Management, Strategic Procurement, Quality Assurance and Quality Control thereby relieving much of the burden that is so often placed on Clients such as Hult during the Fit-out process.